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We pay our members to sign up for Offers and Surveys. Offers include signing up for online services, music and video clubs, shopping, books, credit cards and more. Each offer is quick and easy, only taking a few minutes of your time. The biggest cashand pointsrewards are available anywhere.

 Why Join OffersInWeb.com?

1. Members can earn more than 500$ from our Advertisers.
2. Low 2.00$ minimum payment limit. Minimum payment for the clicks is only - 0.10$.
3. The biggest cashand pointsrewards are available anywhere.
4. Fast and Honest payment processing. We pay always on time.
5. Members can get paid via Perfect Money and MoneyBookers
6. We pay you for referring your friends. You get 10% of their earnings.
7. Members can earn points! You can exchange the points for various prizes: DVD-players, books, plasma TVs, T-shorts, caps and more other prizes! 

It's quick and easy to earn cashand pointswith OffersInWeb... 

Step1: Sign up to OffersInWeb.com.

Step2: Click on the Earn Cash, Best Offers or Trial Offers.

Step3: Complete the Cash Offers or Points Offers.

Step4: Get prizes by mail or cash from OffersInWeb.com via Perfect Money and MoneyBookers .

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ADVERTISERS:  Get maximum high-quality targeted traffic. We can adapt our marketing program to your needs. Advertisers - get the real results.

Important Notice!! When you sign up for a trial offer, you must actually try the product or service. Please do not simply order the trial and cancel 15 minutes later. We rely on advertisers to support this service. If they are not satisfied with the performance of their trials, we will be forced to pull their offers from the site.

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